The logo is available in a variety of configurations, colors and file types. Using the naming convention outlined below, users can select the appropriate logo application to download from here

The letter code for the desired entity or area occupies the first position of the logo filename.

The letter code for the desired configuration goes in the second position in the filename. The preferred configuration is usually the best choice. But where space will not accommodate that version, the stacked, horizontal or logotype-only option may be used.

The third position indicates color. Each logo application is available in full color (CMYK), in black and reversed (white). The standard logo is also available in two spot colors (Regent Red and Platinum Gray), and the Children’s logo is available in Platinum Gray only. Refer to “Contrast” to choose the best version for your design.

File Type
The logo file type is indicated in the fourth position of the filename. If working in illustration or design software, use the EPS file type. In programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, use the PNG file type.

For help with accessing an application of the logo, contact Loma Linda University Health Marketing at 909-558-3449.

Make your request well in advance, allowing time for your job to be reviewed, approved and — if necessary — produced.