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Our entities comprise a brand family marked by our foundation in faith, history of more than a century, and focus on clinical care, education, research and wellness.


Download Loma Linda University Health approved logos, photography, Powerpoint templates, and documents.

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"Loma Linda University Health is here to support you — no matter where you are in your journey to health, well-being and wholeness."

Our Uniqueness

We have steadily established our uniqueness among academic health science centers.


Using our mission, vision and values as guiding principles, we’ve developed a brand strategy that clearly defines all the things that make us special and different.

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Our organization has focused on providing education, practicing medicine, and producing professionals, whose characters, skills and service transform lives.

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Download LLU academic and healthcare photography for use in your documents.

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Powerpoint Templates

Download LLU academic and healthcare Powerpoint templates for use in your presentations.

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Web Components

We offer a wide range of components enabling the creation of enhanced interfaces consistent with LLU principles, design language, and best practices.