Multiple Entities or Areas
When multiple areas sponsor a program, use the logo application that best represents them all, Loma Linda University Health.

For example: volunteer services serves LLU Medical Center, LLU Children's Hospital as well as the other hospitals, using Loma Linda University Health is the best option, rather than using multiple logos.

Note that Children’s Hospital is listed under the institutional logo or logomark unless it is the only entity being represented (in which case the Children’s Hospital logo application is used).

Entities and Areas
When sponsors include more than one area and entity, follow the guidelines given on the previous page, with the goal of identifying sponsors in the most clear, concise and consistent manner possible. Omit or include the common portion of their names as appropriate, and never use more than one application of the logo.

External Partnerships
When all or part of the organization joins an outside organization in sponsoring a program, refer to the guidelines given above and on the previous page for help with determining how our logo and entity/area names are to appear.

Internal and external logos displayed together should be given equal prominence.