Follow these guidelines to create customized mailing labels that coordinate with the rest of the business suite. The example shown is a 3⅓" x 4⅛" (3.33 x 4.125 inch) shipping label.

Refer to “File Types” to find the logo you need. (Downloads are available here.)

Use the horizontal configuration of the logo in Regent Red and Platinum Gray or in 77% black (Platinum Gray).

Leave a margin of ¼" (0.25 inches) on the top and left side of the label.

Text on labels should be set in Adobe Jenson Pro, 9/10 points, Platinum Gray or 77% black (Platinum Gray). (Palatino can be used as a substitute.)

If a department is listed, set it in all caps.

Text should be left-aligned with the logotype.

Start the return address information ⅛" (0.125 inches) from the base of the logo.