Informal Invitations

Refer to the following specifications when producing informal invitations:

  • Size: 5⅛" x 7" (5.125 x 7 inches)
  • Color: Black
  • Logo: Use the preferred configuration of the logo, centered and top-aligned at ¾" (0.75 inches).
  • Type: The type recommended for the body of informal invitations is Adobe Jenson Pro Italic at 11/20 points. Palatino Italic is the acceptable substitute.
  • Margins: Body copy should be centered and top-aligned at 2¾" (2.75 inches). Bottom and side margins should be ¾" (0.75 inches).

Coordinating envelopes are available.

The department name and address information are printed in black on the back flap.


Formal Invitations

These embossed 5⅛" x 7" (5.125 x 7 inches) invitations may be run in Regent Red and Platinum Gray or in Platinum Gray only. Coordinating envelopes are also available.

Presidential Invitations

These invitations feature the two foil-embossed options of the presidential seal instead of the logo and are to be used only by the office of the president of Loma Linda University Health. Coordinating envelopes are also available.


Order business cards through Digital Production Ink. You may place your order by calling 909-558-4552. Allow at least two weeks for processing.