The #10 envelope is printed with the logo, the department name, address information, and includes the church affiliation line.


  • Top: two inches
  • Left: five inches

For addressing an envelope, use the serif typefaces — Adobe Jenson Pro or Palatino — rather than the sans serif options. The type should be black and may be set in either 14 or 15 points, single spaced (Auto Leading). Perpetua Standard is not to be used for addressing envelopes.


Bulk Mailings
A one-color envelope option is available for large mailings. In such cases, both the mailing address and the return address are printed at one time and in one color (black). The logo, return address and church affiliation line are run in 77% black (Platinum Gray) and the mailing address in 100% black. The return address appears on the front rather than the back to accommodate requests for ancillary services.

Order envelopes through Digital Production Ink. You may place your order by calling 909-558-4552. Allow at least two weeks for processing.