The Testimonial component is used to highlight a quote within the main content area of a page.

Available Colors

Edit View

To create this callout, first enter the edit view of the page you want to add it to.

Then navigate to Callout Type and choose Testimonial Content from the dropdown menu. Click the button labeled Add Another Callout.

Now add all the content you would like in the callout.

Once you've finished adding in all the content you'd like into the fields scroll to the bottom of the edit window and click the bottom-left button labeled Save.

Testimonial (Multiple)

Web Center recently introduced the Testimonial (Multiple) that allows more than one testimonial to be entered into the component. Just one testimonial will display at a time that is chosen randomly on page load or refresh.

Character Limits

Text Field Character Limit
Label 30
Quote 260
Job/Position/Year 40