Typography is central not only to what a brand says (its message) but to how it speaks (its tone).

The required typefaces were chosen not only for their legibility and visual appeal but also for their flexibility, distinctive character, emotive qualities and balance between tradition and innovation.

Required Typefaces
Fonts for any design application are to be chosen from the typefaces shown at the right. Because not all users will have access to the preferred faces (Adobe Jenson Pro and Univers Standard), acceptable alternates (Palatino and Arial) available on most systems are also given. If you need Palatino added to your computer, please call the Information Services Help Desk at extension 48889.

General Guidelines
Use only the required typefaces. Promote clarity by choosing the appropriate type.

  • Sans serif faces (Univers and Arial) work well for headlines, subheads or captions.
  • Serif faces (Adobe Jenson Pro and Palatino) are easier to read in body copy.
  • Script type (Bickham Script Pro) is best used in small amounts and for ornamental rather than informational purposes.

If you wish to use a typeface other than Adobe Jenson Pro, Univers, Palatino, Arial and Bickham Script Pro, the exception will need to be approved. (See “Policies”.)

Perpetua Standard
Perpetua Standard appears only in the logo and in pre-printed elements of the business package. The use of Perpetua Standard is limited to the few designers authorized to access those applications’ construction files, so most users will not need Perpetua Standard.

Purchase Typefaces
The required typefaces are available for purchase and download through Adobe.

Preferred Serif

Among the required typefaces, Adobe Jenson Pro is the preferred serif option. It features varying weights.

Adobe Jenson Pro is part of a family of historical revival typefaces. Type designer Robert Slimbach based its Roman styles on a Venetian text face cut by Nicolas Jenson in 1470 and its italics on those by Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. The combined strength and beauty of those two Renaissance fonts yields an elegant yet organic typeface suited to a broad spectrum of applications.

Its stroke variations and low x-height help differentiate letters, making Adobe Jenson Pro highly readable. Its stately yet detailed typographic refinement provides a power and flexibility for text composition rarely found in digital type.

Preferred Sans Serif

Among the required typefaces, Univers Standard is the preferred sans serif option.

Univers Standard is a realist typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1957. It figures prominently in the Swiss Style of graphic design and is based on the 1896 typeface Akzidenz-Grotesk.

Designed as a full system of fonts with a wide range of weights, Univers Standard is a utilitarian and versatile workhorse. Its modulated thicknesses and squaring of round strokes give it character. Its lighter weights can be used to set continuous text. Its relatively low x-height and broad stance not only give it presence but also make it a good complement to Adobe Jenson Pro.


Script type is beautiful but is typically harder to read than serif and sans serif typefaces. It is best used in small amounts and for ornamental rather than informational purposes. It should never be used for blocks of body copy.

Bickham Script is based on George Bickham’s engravings of the lettering created by 18th-century writing masters. Designer Richard Lipton’s swashes, superscripts and numerous glyphs give the typeface its signature flourish. With multiple alternate letterforms and a nice range of weights, this ornate, flowing, formal face’s affect can range from reserved to extravagant.

Bickham Script Pro is recommended for use on presidential invitations. It is available for other suitable applications as well, but is to be used with discretion and restraint.

Alternate Serif

Palatino is available on most computer systems and may be used in the absence of the preferred serif face, Adobe Jenson Pro.

Alternate Sans Serif

Arial and Arial Black are available on most computer systems and may be used in the absence of the preferred sans serif face, Univers Standard.

Treated Text

Limit the use of script type and of treatments such as drop shadows, glows, bevels embosses, complex patterns and gradient overlays.