In order to ensure that our corporate identity is presented clearly, consistently and distinctively in all cases, onscreen applications such as those used on television and the Web are to comply with the standards outlined in this guide.

On-screen Logo Sizes
The recommended width of the logomark in the logo is 225 pixels (188 pixels for the Children’s Hospital logomark). The minimum allowable width is 150 pixels (113 pixels for the Children’s Hospital logomark).

On-screen Logo Colors
Precise matching of the colors is essential in on-screen applications. Use the hexadecimal values given below.

  • Regent Red: 901c3b
  • Platinum Gray: 666666
  • PMS 327: 008472
  • PMS 527: 7722aa
  • PMS 121: ffdd88
  • PMS 301: 005195

On-screen Typography
Arial and Palatino are the typefaces recommended for on-screen use.

Use images in RGB and at the appropriate on-screen resolution of 72 dots per inch.