Logo Colors

The logo colors (Regent Red and Platinum Gray) were carefully selected based on the meanings of colors in various cultures and on the visual messages that best represent the institution. Attributes that led to choosing Regent Red include:

  • It has strong visual impact.
  • It is widely recognized as symbolizing leadership, courage, activity, vitality, power and innovation.
  • It has positive meaning among various religions and cultures.
  • It is effectively used by other highly respected and longstanding educational and medical institutions.

Include the logo colors in design color schemes whenever possible.

Color Palette
Strategic use of color creates powerful visual impact and can immediately evoke brand attributes such as quality, trustworthiness and warmth.

A color palette is provided for use in both internal and external applications. These colors may be used singly or in combination.

For items that include a metallic finish, use silver tones such as platinum and pewter. Do not use gold, copper or bronze.

If you wish to use a color outside of this color palette, the exception will need to be approved. (See “Policies”.)


Logo Colors