The logo was revitalized in several ways:

  • Updated typography
  • Removed box, allowing details to be enlarged without increasing overall “footprint”
  • Simplified color scheme
  • Redrew oak branch for clarity
  • Simplified staff of Aesculapius for better rendering at small sizes
  • Filled in cone shape in shield for higher contrast
  • Redrew flame for more dynamic effect
  • Refined torch for clarity and better rendering at small sizes
  • Redrew Bible for more contrast and weight
  • Replaced broken sword with Christian cross — a more widely recognized symbol of mercy and compassion
  • Removed date in order to simplify logo, making it more readable in small sizes
  • Introduced visual “breathing room,” opening up spaces between elements (especially branches and shield)
  • Redrew scroll, giving it more fluid lines and filling it in for added weight and contrast
  • Enlarged motto and set it in stylized typeface to better blend with other elements
  • Established Loma Linda University Health as master brand

1990 Logo — Style B


2008 Logo

The First 100 Years

Changing With the Times
As the organization has changed throughout its first century, so have the names and symbols that represent it. 

1906 | Loma Linda Sanitarium
First graphic identity symbol revealed at dedicatory exercises

1920s | College of Medical Evangelists
New name and new seal introduced; seal subsequently revised by replacing caduceus with staff of Aesculapius and adding globe

1930s | College of Medical Evangelists
Further refinements made

1959 | College of Medical Evangelists
Symbols currently used in institution’s logo and in seal first appear

1961 | Loma Linda University
Another name change necessitates new symbol

1990 | Loma Linda University
Updated logo and new, institution-wide graphic standards introduced

2008 | Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center
Updated logo, seal and Graphic Identity Guide introduced

2012 | Loma Linda University Health
Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center name changed to Loma Linda University Health