The Logomark

The logomark is a graphic symbol of our organization’s purpose, values and vision. It maximizes the strength of the brand by visually linking subgroups to each other and to the institution as a whole. Using the organization’s historical emblems in the logomark allows for rich symbolism that draws meaning from a variety of elements.

1. Lighted Torch
A part of our logo since 1959, the lighted torch symbolizes the illuminating power of knowledge and the central role of the Holy Spirit in teaching and healing. It also references the institution’s call to serve as a light to the world. 

2. Oak Branch
The branch to the left of the shield represents the civic wreath of oak leaves and acorns historically given to one who saved a life. 

3. Staff of Aesculapius
Long associated with medicine — and part of our logo since the 1920s — this represents the combined services of all the healing arts and sciences.

4. Christian Cross
This universal Christian symbol acknowledges the role of Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer.


5. Laurel Branch
The branch to the right of the shield represents the laurel wreath, which signifies achievement and honor. Shown together, the oak and laurel branches form a wreath suggesting that the lifesaving and life-enhancing work of the health sciences brings with it an obligation to act honorably, courageously and selflessly. 

6. Bible
The open book represents the Word of God — the source of the Christ-centered commission and the inspiration for all our humanitarian endeavors.

7. Motto
Inscribed on the scroll below the shield is our motto, “to make man whole.”


The Logotype

The logotype is the distinctive typographic presentation of our corporate identity. Each application prominently features “Loma Linda University”, followed in most cases by a secondary line specifying the entity or other subgroup represented.

Custom Logotype
Because the logotype features hand-tailored character joins and customizations, it is important to use the logotype provided rather than setting the type yourself.

Generally, the logotype is to be accompanied by the logomark and shown in the preferred logo configuration. (See “Configurations”.)

The logotype is set in the typeface Perpetua Standard. To preserve the distinctiveness of the logo, Perpetua Standard is not to be used anywhere except for the logotype and pre-printed text used in the business suite, including:

  • Names, titles and contact information on business cards
  • Contact information at the base of letterhead
  • Names and titles on note sheets and note pads

Because the logo and logotype are available online and the business suite can be ordered through Printing Services, most users will not need to purchase Perpetua Standard.